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Mobilizing Communities to Leverage Solar Power

Neighborhood Solar formed as a concentrated effort to educate homeowners and promote residential solar energy installations in the Denver Metro area.

While state rebates and federal tax credits have greatly improved the economics and accelerated solar adoption, we realize the solar industry must overcome additional financial hurdles in order to give more homeowners a sound financial justification for installing solar in their homes.

The Neighborhood Solar Discount

To help more homeowners reduce their energy costs, Neighborhood Solar organizes bulk-purchasing programs to further reduce the cost of installing solar.

By organizing homeowners into collective solar purchasing groups, we negotiate significant discounts with local solar installation companies on behalf of homeowners interested in solar as an on-site, clean energy source.

Neighborhood Solar is not affiliated with any solar installation company and does not perform solar installations. Rather, we act as an independent buyer's agent, with the goal of providing the best value to residential solar purchasers while helping installers put up more solar at reduced overhead costs.

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