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The Neighborhood Advantage

In the solar industry, it's a well-known fact that large, commercial solar installations are nearly always cheaper (per installed Watt) than smaller residential systems. The economies of scale utilized at the commercial level enable installers to offer a price per installed Watt that's much cheaper than the average residential solar installation. Ultimately, those who are able to purchase larger solar arrays enjoy better payback periods and higher return on investment.

Unfortunately, the benefits of these economies of scale are absent from residential solar installations. As a result, homeowners end up paying more per installed Watt than commercial buyers.

Neighborhood Solar's goal is to change that. In order to make solar a truly cost-competitive option for homeowners, we're helping solar installers leverage economies of scale on the residential level by encouraging them to perform simultaneous solar installations for many homes in the same area.

Neighborhood Solar helps coordinate homeowners in the same neighborhood or community to aggregate their purchasing power and choose a solar installer that will provide the best priced home solar system at the highest standards of quality, design and installation.

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